Why Lighthouse Catamaran Croatia Charter?

After more than 10 years of practical experience with all types of boats on the Adriatic Sea and many different clients from all over the world, we decided to convert a vast experience into superior service.

Experience in sailing, knowledge of local people, places and customs set us apart from other agencies.

Why Croatia?

The reason is simple: It is a country with more than a 1000 islands, many national parks, picturesque Mediterranean towns, secluded bays and stunning natural landscapes. It is easy to reach from anywhere in the world. From any part of Europe it takes you 2 hours at the most to reach one of our costal airports in Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar or Pula.

It is one of the rare places left in this world where you can feel absolutely safe and relaxed.

Who is behind Lighthouse Sailing?

From early childhood began my fascination with ships and lighthouses. The whole story was given another dimension at the University of Kinesiology where I specialized in becoming a sailing instructor and a skipper. The fascination is still present.

I invite you to come and see the reason why my passion became my profession.