Bareboat, crewed or skippered catamaran charter?

There are many reasons why people like to sail on the open waters. There is a magic and an awe while being on the board of a catamaran, sailing beneath the clear blue sky. There are several ways you can enjoy your holiday which actually depends on knowledge and desires.

Bareboat Catamaran Charter Croatia

For all of you that know and have all required licenses to sail the catamaran by themselves, you can decide to charter bareboat or independent catamaran charter. This is something we suggest to experienced sailors that are familiarized with sailing conditions in Croatia (winds, currents, marinas etc.). This way you can get off the usual routes of sailing and make your own experience dependent on your desired locations. Contact us with all necessary questions and we will suggest to you best catamaran for you and your coming party and of course we will give you the list of all NEED TO SEE locations.

The best thing is to give us first the region(s) you would like to visit during your sailing trip on a catamaran. That is, of course, dependable upon the desires of your fellow sailors. Would you like island hopping experience this time? Croatian shore has a favorable amount of strong winds and a lot of small islands (more than 1100) and these are one of the major reason why sea lovers from all over the world flock to sail on the Adriatic. You can find a lot of safe anchorages, modern marinas, harbors and isolated moorings all through Croatian coast.

If you are a diving lover, you sailing trip will give you an opportunity to visit magnificent bays, beaches, coves etc. which are perfect places to explore underneath the surface. Your sailing trip can start from Pula (Istrian coast), Zadar or Split (Middle Dalmatia) or even Dubrovnik (aka Kings Landing for all of you Game of Thrones lovers) located in the South of Dalmatia.

Requirements for Bareboat Catamaran Charter

One of the major requirement you will need is a Day Skipper Practical Certificate or an ICC (International Certificate of Competency) and VHF license. For any other license requirements please check this LINK.

Weather in Croatia

There is not a person who came to Croatia who didn’t like the weather here. Because of its Mediterranean climate, the summers are dry and warm while winters are mild. Because of the 2600 hours of sunlight annually, Croatia or Croatian coast is the considered as the sunniest coast line in the whole Europe.

The temperatures in summer are average 30 degrees Celsius (during the high season July/August), while 23 degrees Celsius are the average temperatures during May, June, September and even October. 

What we should stress out are the winds that come from the northwest starting at the average speed of 7/8 knots and can grow even to 10-20 knots during some afternoons. In these conditions, you can experience the true thrill of sailing.

This NW wind can be a tricky one and Croatians call it BURA so make sure you check your weather forecast regularly.


If you decide to visit a local marina or a port to stock up, you need to know that you will be required to pay the fees. The size of the catamaran will play a major part in the price on the marina/port fees and of course its location. We can say, from the experience, that this will be between 20 to even 100 EUR per night spent in the marina. But do not think this is paid for nothing. The port (or marina) staff will help you to moore up, and you will be able to use toilets, showers or power on shore.

Crewed Catamaran Charter

Sailing experience on the crewed catamaran charter is like staying at a floatable hotel. All-inclusive vacation like this one will give you additional privileges of having your own crew (captain, chef, hostess) to help you and your friends or family to enjoy your holiday.

Crewed Catamaran Charter is a luxury on the move. It gives you a perfect opportunity to enjoy your well-deserved holidays without even having to think what to cook or buy for your meals.

Your captain is there to take care of navigation, your chef will be in charge of food and the hostess will make sure you are well-taken care for since you open your eyes until you go to sleep. Even if you are traveling with your children, she (or he) will make sure they are safe and taken care off.

Even with the captain on board, you can still choose your own route. The crew is there just to give their suggestion and to help you plan. Listen to their advice because they are local people that are not only professional in their line of work, but they also have a lot of practical experiences. So, they will know which places you should visit during your stay.

Skippered Catamaran Charter

Maybe you know how to sail but you still do not consider yourself experienced enough to take the catamaran out in the open sea. Do not worry, since we have a solution even for those situations. We will suggest to you an experienced skipper. He (or she) will be there to show you a few tricks on board, and he (or she) will make sure you can relax and enjoy your time with friends or family.

Apart from enjoying peacefully while booking a catamaran with the skipper on board, there are a lot of other benefits coming along this feature. First of all, we should mention that the safety deposit is the same no matter if you have skipper or not. But with him (or her) you are not liable for any damages that might happen during the trip. The deposit you will leave will cover the basic damage like broken plates etc.

Another benefit of having a skipper on your catamaran charter is the fact that he (or she) will know when and which marina (or a port in case the marina is full) to go to during the high season.

The skipper will make sure your sailing trip a safe one since there will be an experienced sailor on the board responsible for anchoring the catamaran. Also, there is a great advantage in having one of the locals on your side. Not only will the skipper help you choose the best route for you, but he (or she) will be able to recommend the best restaurants to visit during your catamaran charter.

While enjoying your sailing trip with the skipper on board, please do not forget that he (or she) needs just like you, three meals a day and enough to drink. Apart from this, the skipper will need a place to sleep or rest. In case there are not enough berths on the catamaran to ensure a berth from the skipper, you can provide the space in your salon. This area can be transformed into a sleeping area for the skipper, and if this is the case, then you and everybody else on the board of catamaran should treat this area as skipper’s room and allow enough time for rest or sleep.

If you decide to dine out, you can either invite your skipper to join or ensure that there is enough food on board or another possibility is that the skipper eats out and you will cover that bill.

The marina fees can be paid after docking or the next morning. Just make sure your skipper has enough cash to cover the costs of fees.