Is the price of the catamaran the most important?

The price of the catamaran should not be the major deciding factor when booking your vessel. You should first ask yourself what is included in the price of the offered catamaran. So, what you need to know is, if the price of the catamaran includes following:

  • Full fuel tank (when you return your catamaran to the marina it should also come back with the full fuel tank)
  • Safety Equipment & Navigation Equipment
  • Charter Pack (aka Transit log)
  • Dinghy (if and an outboard engine for the dinghy is not included make sure you take it as an additional equipment)
  • Linens for the beds

Apart from the above-stated facts, there are two more things you should think of before making your final choice:

Age (Condition) of the catamaran – since older catamarans are cheaper than the new ones, you might hastily make the wrong decision while booking since some of them might not have all necessary equipment needed to make your sailing experience a relaxed one. And that may play a major impact on the price of the catamaran charter. Make sure you check all of these things before making your final decision.

Safety on the catamaran must always come first – paying for the catamaran alone is just a part of your expenses. There are also other costs you will have during your sailing holiday. The cost at the end might be a larger sum of money in case you go for a much cheaper catamaran. We are not saying you should not charter a catamaran according to your budget, what we are saying is to analyze the price well so you don’t sacrifice the thrill and enjoyment of the sailing holiday just for the sake of saving some money.