Catamarans vs. Sailing yachts

One question that is always asked is, which type of vessel is better to charter, catamaran or a sailing yacht? What you will choose will at the end fall down to your personal experience, but there are certainly a few main differences between two of those types.

Sailing/Speed performance -  If you got used to the sailing on the sailing yacht and you decide to book a catamaran, while sailing you will notice first how catamarans are faster (20-30% faster) than a same sized yacht.

The level of sailing – one of the most noticeable features of the catamaran, while sailing, is that this type of vessel does not heel as much as a sailing yacht does. The heel of the catamaran is not more than 5-10 degrees, so bracing yourself in the cockpit while sailing is gone!

Stability – one of the best features of the catamaran is its stability compared to same length sailing yachts. The possibility of the catamaran flipping over is none, they are more stable compared to monohulls (yachts) when put in the same weather conditions.

Safety – because of their site, catamarans are more stable than a sailing yacht. First of all, catamarans do not bob forth and back, which will allow you to eat, relax or sleep comfortably. Since they are bigger, the overall experience on the boat is better.

Living areas – again, just because of the size of catamaran you will have definitely more available spaces for your enjoyment. Just because of this reason we tend to recommend them to a large party.