Sailing in Croatia
Catamaran Romance Sailing
Catamaran Romance Sailing | Catamaran Charter Croatia
Romance and cruising go hand in hand, you can imagine yourself and your significant other spending time alone on a deserted beach on your rented catamaran. The most important part of any trip is the right planning. One of the...
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Catamaran sailing with friends
Many people complain that we are all too well connected, but in the wrong way. E-mails, social media, smartphones became our “normal” way of communicating with each other. But when do you have any real face-time (not through your smart...
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Catamaran Sailing with Children
Some people might think that sailing with children is stressful and that is the reason why most families decide to rather stay on land. But sailing with children can be very fun and rewarding. Both for the parents and the...
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