Should an age of a catamaran be a factor while booking a vessel?

Many of you have asked if an age of a catamaran should be an important factor while deciding which vessel to choose. In our experience, age is just a number, but we will stress out that the condition of the desired catamaran should be a far most important factor for booking. You can take an age as a considering factor while booking your catamaran since you will pay less for a maintained and functional vessel that is not necessarily the newest one.

Five (or less than five) years old catamarans are still considered as new vessels for chartering. In case your desired catamaran has more than five years of age behind it, we suggest you make sure that the charter (or a charter agency you are in contact with) is a company with good reputation. Just like with everything else, with older catamaran, there are higher possibilities of breaking or malfunctioning.

Just because of this the reputation of your charter agency or even a charter should be a good one. And of course, check beforehand the conditions in which their yachts are kept.