Packing for your sailing trip

Even though a catamaran is a big vessel and has enough space, do not pack everything you have. For all of you that are not sure what to take, we have made this list.

First of all, the catamaran is big, but ensure that what you need fits into one carry-on luggage.


First of all, make your groceries list. Make note of all the food items you will need during your sailing trip. The size of the list will vary according to a number of people coming along and of course, their eating preferences. Do not forget to count in your crew (if any) like skipper, hostess etc.

Catamarans come equipped with fully functional kitchen with appliances so you will be able to prepare your meals.

On top of your list, you should include more than enough of potable water.


Do not fuss too much with clothes packing. On a catamaran, there is no dress code. T-shirts, dresses, bathing suits, shorts etc. are usual clothes for this kind of an adventure. Since weather can be sometimes unpredictable, bring along at least one waterproof windbreaker. Since most of the day you will spend on your catamaran, shoes you are bringing should be with non-slip soles.

Bed linens come included with most of the catamarans, so you will not need to sacrifice some of your personal items in order to fit linens.

Bring your towels if they are not included.

Documents and medicines

Documents you should bring along are:

  1. Passport or your ID card
  2. Certificates for sailing – if you plan to charter a bareboat catamaran
  3. Driving license – if you plan to rent a motorbike or a car
  4. Cash and/or Credit cards

If this is your first sailing trip (or not) bring some motion-sickness medications together with any other medical necessities you are using.

Cosmetics and Toiletries

Since most of the time you will be in the sun, during your catamaran charter, do not forget to take with you sunscreens with enough SPF to protect your skin. Different cover-ups, sarongs, shirts or whatever you can think it will help you to protect you from getting sun burned.


Since we all like to record our holidays on a camera or on your phone bring an extra battery or a portable charger. Books, e-readers are a good choice for afternoon or an evening relaxation. Any kind of games like cards are good evening entertainment and you might learn a local game from your skipper.